Galliford Try Housing Companies Re-branded as Linden Homes

The Galliford Try Group has united its housebuilding companies under one banner – Linden Homes.



Stamford Homes, Midas Homes, Rosemullion Homes and Gerald Wood Homes will all now operate under the Linden Homes brand name.


A quote from their new look website states ”Our aim is to further improve upon our customer service and the quality of our homes to achieve a better understanding of what you want, drawing on our regional expertise and applying it on a national level”


Long overdue in our opinion having the same corporate identity is more suitable to a top twenty house builder than half a dozen names with the same logo.


But as a reminder here are some of the names and logos we won’t be seeing any more.


If you are a house builder and need assistance with your commercial requirements or a subcontractor looking for an introduction to major house builders such as Galliford Try Linden Homes then contact Andrew Fella at Onyx Construction Consultants Ltd on 01473 743682


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